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Jackelyn Robertson

Dr. Unger and his staff are absolutely amazing!! My twelve-year daughter had an ingrown toe nail awhile back that "required" the whole nail to be removed. Rewind six months later..her toe wasn't healing properly and Dr. Unger and his staff fixed her right up, all while keeping us both, cool, calm, and collective! I HIGHLY recommend him!

Ryan Nicole

I struggled with plantar warts on my feet for 6+ years and after first seeing an initial podiatrist in my local area they didn’t go away. I found Dr. Ungar and made the 1-and-a-half-hour drive and started the treatment. He warned me that it was gonna take a lot of treatments since they were so bad and I had quite a few of them on both feet. I was only seen 4 times and they were gone by the 3rd appointment. We were both surprised that they were gone by the 3rd visit! He was extremely knowledgeable in what he was doing and he did an amazing job. I have never felt so comfortable in a doctor's office. I'm no longer ashamed of my feet any more thanks to Dr. Ungar and his team. I highly recommend this office! I will forever be grateful that Dr. Ungar gave me my confidence back!

Jerry Sherrill

Dr. Ungar and the staff are amazing! I won't go anywhere else!

Andrew Grubbs

Dr. Ungar is an amazing podiatrist. He is very knowledgeable and he explains everything so well that it made me feel very comfortable before during and after my procedure. All the staff on hand seem very friendly and caring as well! I will recommend him to everyone! Thank you so much!

Michael Riley

Great staff and a great doctor. They know what they're doing. Thank you again I really appreciate it.

Latrice Hosendove

I absolutely love my Dr. Ungar. The staff is amazing!

Megan R.

Great office and staff. Got an appointment on pretty short notice and the process of schedule was quick and straightforward. Dr. Ungar was knowledgeable and quick but not in a rush. He took the time to educate me which I appreciated. You can tell he involves his office staff well and that translates positively to the overall experience. Highly recommended! Very friendly staff.

Ardis Patterson

Outstanding! Dr. Ungar is very professional and very knowledgeable in his field. I was very impressed he took the time to thoroughly educate me on my condition. The staff is very professional and friendly. I recommend him to everyone.

Brittney Nasir

I was extremely nervous about going to the doctors and Dr. Ungar and his staff were welcoming and friendly from the moment I walked into the moment I left. The best experience in my 29 years of life dealing with doctors, Dr. Ungar really made me feel at ease and made me feel important by taking his time to explain what was going on and the process of fixing it. I chose him from reading all the positive reviews as I'm an hour away and I'm so glad I chose to make the drive and not chicken out of the appointment, I would highly recommend Dr. Ungar!

Rebecca Milstone

Wonderful experience!

Richard Zimmerman

Great Doctor and assistants went over and above in treating my type 2 diabetes feet, will return again.

Asha Johnson

Doctor and staff are incredible! Beautiful and clean environment. Highly recommended.

Charity Kelley

Professional service and friendly employees. Dr. Ungar was able to diagnose my issue quickly, while keeping me informed as to why it wasn't a different diagnosis.

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